The High Frequency Journal will publish a Special Issue related to the High Frequency Finance Conference. The theme of the Special issue is dedicated to Machine Learning applications. However, authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts related to other topics dealing with High Frequency data, even if they are not directly related to machine learning.

As always the HF journal offers an extremely professional and fast editorial process. 

The deadline for early submission to the journal is March 15 2019. This date is the deadline for submission of Contributed Talks as well. 

A complete manuscript submission is also possible. To this end please use the HF journal site. All papers submitted to HF journal should select the respective special issue from the drop down menu and indicate whether the submission will be presented at the conference. The submissions will be processed using the regular review process. However, the authors will be notifiad about acceptance to the conference within two weeks of the submission date. 

The deadline for invited submissions is August 15, 2019. At this time final manuscript submissions incorporating the suggestions of the participants at the conference is expected. Furthermore, all submissions related to the conference are expected to be submitted. All submissions are to be sent using the HF journal submission site